Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pochette de Janette

Pochette de Janette Luxembourg fashion & beauty & lifestyle blogger
If there's one thing I can't resist, it's a good beauty box...i mean, pouch. Luxembourg women's magazine Janette recently surprised me with one of their summer packages, and after 3-4 weeks of trial I'm ready to deliver the verdict. 

Pochette de Janette for me is always full of new discoveries. Last time, for example, I fell in love with the shampoo bar and the face mist (which I still use!). This time the parcel contained: Sachajuan hair conditioner, Oceopin maritime pine seed exfoliant (la poudre de graines de pin maritime), Monoprix bio almond oil for face, body and hair, Le Sourcil waterproof eyebrow pencil and Jeanne Lanvin perfume

Overall, the exfoliating powder (pictured last) is my favorite item. The way it works is that you put your existing shower gel in your hand and then tip in some of this powder to exfoliate. I'm not usually a sucker for "innovative" products that require various steps, but I thought this is a great idea, because there is so much greatness in such a tiny bottle. May I add, it was full to the top, which was a pleasant surprise (something that potato crisp companies could learn from...)

The other product I really loved was the Sachajuan hair conditioner. It's a swedish beauty brand, and if you look at their instagram, you will probably want to buy everything. Them swedes and their awesome aesthetics, right?! I've recently actually made a complete flip-over in my haircare routine, and this conditioner came at the right time. The majority of my adult and teenage life I've been shampooing my hair first, and then putting hair conditioner into the tips after. About a month ago I swapped the order of these steps, so now I start off by putting hair conditioner into the entirety of my hair, and let it sit while I do other stuff like exfoliate etc. After about 2-5 minutes I wash it out and shampoo my hair. My hair already feels stronger and less greasy! 

If you live in Luxembourg, France, Belgium or Germany, you too can get your own Pochette de Janette, just click away and find what works best for you. Later! 

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