Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dainty Jewellery

Jewellery is always something I go on and off-again, depending on various stages in my life. There was a time I loved chunky rings and necklaces and was happily ready to spend £30 on a chunky and colorful necklace from Zara (such as here, here, whereas now I tend to go for minimal and dainty pieces that are versatile enough for different outfits. The heart and pearl dainty rings are from Happiness Boutique, which is a fun jewellery brand based in Berlin. One of their missions is to spread happiness, so they've done campaigns to spread this cause; one example is when the staff handed strangers lovely handwritten notes, which I thought was really cute! Just a quick one today guys, as I'm really busy house hunting in London, but tomorrow I'll be back with some new outfit photos! XO


  1. Your nails and jewels are cute !


  2. These rings are so cute and minimal - they look great with your nail polish colour, such a great shade for summer :)
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