Sunday, February 28, 2016

Black Lace

Zara dress - H&M boots - Fiorelli bag

Two of my recent favourite items in this outfit - my H&M pointy boots and Fiorelli bag, which I wear almost every day. I'm not a bag girl, so I usually wear the same bag over and over again until it's unwearable. And regarding shoes, I'm really tired of standard black ankle boots - everyone has them, and I wanted something more grown up. Being 9cm these boots are quite comfortable for day and night, and for only £30, you can't go wrong! 

This was taken back at home in Luxembourg, where I spent a lot of time recently. I feel like I spent most of this winter away from the UK, because I only came back for a week in January to do my exams, and then I was off again. It feels good to get back into my normal routine and focus on studying again. I also have tons of Lanzarote posts coming up for you guys, can't wait! At the moment I'm working on our University magazine Subcultured, as the Online Director, so I apologize if it seems that my mind is elsewhere... XO

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Busted Knee Mom Jeans

Asos Farleigh mom jeans Luxembourg blogueuse de mode Fiorelli vegan faux leather Huxley bag Kristiana Vasarina Guildford fashion blogger Hippie chic oversized ring Latvijas modes blogere The Kooples faux leather suede jacket coat Luxembourg fashion blogger The Kooples jacket (similar) - Vagabond boots - Fiorelli bag - Monki scarf ASOS denim (more) - Hippie Chic ring 

I've been after a good pair of mom jeans ever since I can remember. ASOS Farleigh ones were always at the top of my list, but my size seemed to always be sold out when I was ready to order. Miraculously, I managed to not only snag my size, but also a 20% discount a couple of weeks ago, and so I've been living in these jeans ever since. Due to a previous experience with the gray Farleigh jeans being a tad too long, I ordered these in length 30, as opposed to my usual 32. 

I'm also excited to show my new hair on the blog for the first time (if you haven't seen it on my snapchat @kristiana_v or instagram already). This is also the second shoot I've done with my Olympus Pen, which I got all the way back in September. It took me a while to start using it more because a) I'd lost my creative mojo and b) my lens equipment was not enabling me to use it to its full potential, as I initially only bought the 45mm lens which is best for outfit shots, rather than day to day snaps. Now I've got the standard lens too, and suddenly I'm a lot more excited to use my Pen!

Today I'm also flying to Lanzarote for a couple of days with the family. I've been looking forward to this trip for ages, because I've been experiencing severe wanderlust during the past year. I might also add that watching Point Break in the cinema yesterday made me want to go and explore even more. Perhaps not the stealing money or gold bombing parts, more the wingsuit flying and extreme snowboarding. Til next time!