Sunday, January 29, 2017

Winter Wonderland

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Zara shearling biker jacket white cream
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black bellsleeve dress boho
Kristiana Vasarina Zara cream biker coat (similar here & here), Tobi boho bellsleeve dress, Topshop boots (bought through Depop), ASOS bag (old)

I'm really not a winter person, in fact, my surname means summer in Latvian. As a typical European, I spend the year looking forward to the summer. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy winter though, especially times like this when it looks so white and peaceful outside. I've been living in this beaut Tobi boho dress all winter - I wore it to my work Christmas party, New Years eve in Luxembourg as well as numerous other nights. I'm absolutely in love with Tobi clothing and quality!

I've just come back from visiting my friend Steffi in Winchester. That's a place I've never been to  before! Last weekend I met my friends too and spent some time hanging around London. The weather's getting nicer lately, and I'm trying to be more active in general. We also moved office about two weeks ago, so my commute went from a 7 minute walk to 45 minutes on the train! Time for a bike maybe? Talk to you later! XO

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Boohoo Slayin' or Stay In

Heyhey. Some time ago Boohoo contacted me to see how I'd style my look for a night out as well as a night in. So fun! I decided to shoot this star print playsuit and this black lounge set. As you all know I'm very much about all-black looks, so I guess this is no surprise. On nights out my priority is to be comfortable and warm, and I'm not too fond of showing too much skin either, but of course I can make exceptions if I really like the item. During winter time I always wear long sleeves and tights when I go out, so this playsuit was right up my alley. I like dressing it up with chokers and bright lipstick.

On nights in, comfort is even more of a biggie. During the majority of the year, I hate wearing a lot of clothes at home, so I normally wear super short Brandy Melville shorts and a tank top, however wintertime is a different story. My parents' house in Luxembourg isn't always the warmest as it's quite spacious and the wind is really bad there. Due to this I tend to wear skinny sweatpants or leggings to stay warm. As you can see, when I'm back home I love spending time with my cat, he's such a cutie. Enjoy!

Boohoo star printed wrap playsuit
Luxembourg fashion & style blogger
Star print playsuit outfit
London fashion blogger boohoo
Luxembourg fashion blogger
Zara wrap long coat
Night out vs. night in

Boogoo loungewear stay in

Kristiana Vasarina

This post is in collaboration with Boohoo

Monday, January 2, 2017

AW16 Random Snippets

Hey babes. Over the past year I've taken so many random photos, but never really posted them as I always wanted everything to have a dedicated post. Today I decided, screw that - I want to post more and stop worrying about stuff like that! I used to call these type of posts "photobombs" as it was literally a bomb of photos, and it was everyone's fave thing on my blog, so why not bring it back? Yes? Ok? Let's go then!
  Zara light pink jumper outfit
Let's rewind to September. I was in Copenhagen for my birthday to celebrate it with my other half - this has become a yearly tradition! It's like a second home to me (or third? or fourth? eek, #thirdculturekidprobz), as I visit him every few weeks. This year I wanted to keep my birthday really simple, so we binged on cheap vegan junkfood at Astrid och Apornas Spiseri, and went to see the movie Nerve.

copenhagen torvehallerne veganOne of my go-to places in Copenhagen is Torvehallerne, which is a covered food market. They always have a good bunch of vegan options and I always grab one of these fruit boxes, whether it's an acai bowl or a smoothie bowl...

Freya fancies lace bra black When you get a surprise package with b.tempt'd and Freya bras... Having gone to their fitting at a blogger event, I understood the importance of having a specialist brand for lingerie, as the sizing in stores like H&M isn't quite right.

molton brown christmas cracker rhubarb rose
molton brown rhubard rose I'm a sucker for skincare and otherwise aesthetically pleasing beauty products. I jumped at the chance to review this rhubard & rose set from Molton Brown - especially as it comes in a Christmas cracker! The set consists of 3 travel sized products; body lotion, hand cream and, of course, shower gel. This item is currently on sale too - you know, since it's not Christmas anymore. Of course, what got my stamp of approval was the leaping bunny certificate, meaning that this brand does not test on animals. As it is 2016, there is no reason to ever give your money to brands that still test on animals. All you need to do is google "does ___ test on animals", easy!

I guess it's no surprise that I'm really loving my job at Deliveroo. We recently had our Christmas party at Oval Space, and it was absolutely mental (no surprise there...) I woke up and felt like I'd been hit by a train, ha.

london vegan blogger Some time ago I took my friend Nora out to a Boohoo Christmas party at the W Hotel on Leicester Square. Prior to the party we went to Vegan Hippo, which is my all time fave vegan place in London.

london vegan hippo hotdog bltI genuinely cannot recommend this place enough. It is so darn tasty and the prices are so cheap. Thought you'd have to say bye to (authentic tasting) hot dogs and BLT sandwiches as a vegan? Think again.

boohoo christmas party

london W hotel leicester square blogger

millie macintosh embroidered a-line skirt Many drinks and glitter-on-our-face later, I realised that I basically did not stop clicking my camera the whole night. We also did a dance competition in front of other people, and it's fair to say my dancing skills did not quite match Nora's. Also, may I add that someone was stuck in a toilet cubicle behind us in the last few photos... drunk priorities, oops.